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Terms and Conditions

Contract and policies for the purchase.

Receive a cordial greeting


Our company wishes to bring in good conditions the services provided for your Arrangement or Decoration for your event.


For the efficient performance of our services we leave below our terms and conditions.


• Our Balloon Arrangements must be requested at least one week in advance, if you wish in less days you must confirm availability by calling 803-3870476


• Helium gas is not flammable, but it must be taken into account that when helium balloons are placed in front of the air conditioning, or in very cold climates, the gas particles are compressed and the balloons automatically deflate. This is a natural process. . Avoid placing them in front of or under the air conditioner and keep them in a warm environment.


• When the balloons are placed directly in the sun, the latex or metallic material boils and explodes, keep in a warm environment. Latex balloons exposed to direct sunlight tend to oxidize faster so their color tends to fade a bit.


• Do not leave the Balloon Arrangement in the car as the heat, the steam, will cause them to deflate or burst.


• Latex balloons with helium last between 24 to 48 hours, microfoil balloons last from 5 to 10 days with helium gas, depending on weather conditions or use.


• For shipments, you must indicate the exact address with postal code, house or apartment number, name of the urbanization, if possible attach the location with all the data mentioned above. and the time you want the delivery to be made. If you send an incorrect address you will have an additional charge for delivery.


• If you prefer, pick up the Arrangement at our Headquarters taking into consideration that some of our products are large, bulky and delicate, they must have an adequate and unoccupied vehicle to move it. We are not responsible for the handling and final result in which your Balloon Arrangement may arrive.


• As for Surprise Decorations or Party Decorations, whether in the Space Party room or Home, they must be requested at least 2 weeks in advance. The client must grant a minimum of 4 hours in advance for the elaboration of the decoration. A family member, accomplice must be present or, failing that, have a security system that covers the entire assembly of the decoration.


  • If the decoration is outdoors, take into account the weather conditions. We recommend having a tent that protects the balloons from direct exposure to the sun, or somewhere that is shady, have a plan B in case of rain, and strong winds. Once the installation is done and verified by the client, we are not responsible for any damage that may be caused by the weather conditions of the moment.


• Yes, we can work one day in advance. All the tools that we use in your decoration will be returnable. (bases, supports, arches, fabrics, frames, wood, vases)


• The decoration must be carried out without the presence of children, or failing that, with the supervision of their parents or representatives. If there are pets in the place, please be under supervision as they can choke on balloon waste or damage the decoration.


PLEASE, do not release the balloons with helium to the sky,

let's take care of our Planet.


• When balloons deflate or burst, they should be thrown away. Keep waste out of the reach of children and pets, so there is no risk of suffocation.


• Microfoil balloons can be transmitters of electricity and pollutants in the environment. Avoid dropping them or bringing them close to power lines.


• You must indicate if the person to be surprised is allergic to latex, to avoid the material in the decoration.


• If they move the decoration from one place to another it is your responsibility.


• The client must provide all the corresponding information for the elaboration of his Decoration Arrangement such as colors, design, personalized balloons, age, name and reason (birthday, love, baptism, communion, happy day...)

• We will upload photos of the client and their decoration or arrangement to our social networks. If you do not agree with the publication of these images, please let us know. We promise not to publish the client however if we publish our work (only to our decoration, only to our Arrangements)


• In case of postponing the delivery of the arrangement or decoration of the event, availability will be consulted to schedule a new date or time. In case of cancellation of the service, only 50% of the amount paid will be refunded


• Failure to comply with the terms and conditions of this contract. We are not responsible for any damage or loss you may suffer.

We only work in Columbia South Carolina and surrounding areas

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